Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Teens

Innova Joy can help young and growing teenagers let go of their trauma through cognitive behavioral therapy for teens. Our treatment aims to lighten our clients’ emotional burdens by focusing on their thought patterns and actions that can do them harm.

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Understanding Teen CBT

Teen Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Teen CBT) is a form of talk-based therapy that aims to change maladaptive thinking. Teen CBT has been known to help treat a number of conditions experienced by teens. These include anxiety, depression, and behavior disorders.

In cognitive behavioral therapy, it is believed that all of our core beliefs can be grouped into one of three following ideas. These are:

  • Beliefs about Self
  • Beliefs about Others
  • Beliefs about the Future

When a teen develops a negative core belief that falls in any one of these categories, they then learn related bad behaviors or create negative thought patterns that will hurt them. These are known in teen CBT as Cognitive Distortions.

The 4 Cognitive Distortions Found With CBT

Cognitive Distortions can be described as thought patterns that are involved when a condition is triggered or as it is occurring, such as depression and anxiety. These cognitive distortions are characterized as being exaggerated and irrational, and they can lead to the development of certain disorders, such as Major Depressive Disorder. Below are four known cognitive distortions found in teen CBT.

Magnifying Negatives

This cognitive distortion involves the teen overemphasizing the negative consequences of their thoughts or actions, making them seem far worse than they actually are.

Minimizing Positives

This cognitive distortion involves the teen downplaying the positive sides or effects of their thoughts and actions. This usually occurs as they maximize negatives.


The teen uses a single painful incident as a basis for a rule. They use “never” and “always” when they talk about the lesson or lessons learned from a bad experience.


Under this cognitive distortion, the teen will always assume the worst outcome or result will happen or something will always fail, even during the best circumstances.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Teens at Innova Joy

At Innova Joy, we provide teen CBT in two settings - individual and group. We use worksheets to help teens practice working against their cognitive distortions and be able to replace them with positive and healthier beliefs. Through our sessions, teens will then have the ability to recognize and remember their negative thought patterns. This will eventually help them to replace these with better beliefs and never fall back on bad behaviors.

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