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Innova Joy’s residential treatment center for teens provides a safe space for deep processing and healing.

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Dr. Kasi Howard


Dr. Kasi Howard started Innova Recovery Center in 2016 to make high-quality trauma treatment accessible to everyone, despite geographic or financial barriers. Over the years of providing intensive outpatient therapy, while being a parent, friend, and colleague to many, Dr. Howard often found herself searching for residential treatment centers to treat hurting teens. Sadly, it was apparent that there were just not enough as many had long waitlists. Some did not take insurance, so finances were a barrier. Others simply did not fit the needs of teens who have experienced trauma.

Innova Joy fills the gap that was left in the treatment world. It offers a safe space for teens to heal from the wounds of their past by learning new coping skills, correcting old behavior patterns, and boosting their sense of self-worth. It is a place of healing like no other residential treatment facility out there. With that in mind, we welcome you to take a virtual tour and call us to begin your teen’s journey to healing today.

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