Levels of Treatment

Treating trauma in teens can take many forms. There are several levels of care available for your teen, depending on what is most appropriate for their situation. Our admission specialists can help determine which Innova program may be best for your child.

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Level of Care

Outpatient therapy is typically 1-2 days per week for 50 minutes. It can be done individually, with the family system, or both. Individuals seeking a higher level of care at Innova can choose to have an outpatient therapist at Innova upon stepdown or may go elsewhere for outpatient therapy. We are happy to coordinate care with outpatient providers as needed.

Intensive Outpatient

Level of Care

Innova’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) is our lowest level of care where teens come in for treatment three days a week for three hours each day. Individuals at this level of care still experience group and individual therapy and get support while also transitioning back to their normal daily routine. Virtual IOP is available to eliminate the barriers of transportation and time constraints.

Day Treatment / PHP

Level of Care

Individuals in our partial hospitalization care (PHP) come in for treatment 5-6 days a week typically for 6-8 hours each day. This level of care is sometimes referred to as “day treatment.” At Innova, this level of care includes multiple groups per day, time to do school work, and 2 individual and/or family therapy sessions per week.

Residential Treatment

Level of Care

Residential care is 24 hours a day, though it is generally offered in a dorm or home-type setting, rather than a hospital. Most people’s working knowledge of residential treatment is “rehab,” typically for drugs and alcohol use. However, substance use is just one type of residential care.

Innova Joy offers residential treatment for PTSD, survivors of trauma and abuse, as well as teen depression and anxiety. In this level of care, one usually stays for 30-90 days and receives intensive therapy daily. The amount of time in therapy each day varies from center to center, so this is an important question to ask when choosing a trauma treatment center.

Innova Joy offers up to 8 hours per day of group therapy and 3 individual/family sessions per week. For adolescents, this includes time to complete school work so as not to fall behind in their classes.

Inpatient Treatment

Level of Care

Inpatient is the highest level of care, which provides mental and physical stabilization during an acute episode. This level of care is usually hospital-based and is for emergencies. Examples include withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, extreme nutritional deficits, and suicidality.

Though the length of stay varies, it is typically 3-7 days as inpatient is only meant for stabilization. It does not typically include in-depth therapy or making progress towards long-term goals.

Receive a Confidential Screening

If you are still unsure what type of treatment may be right for your teen, please reach out to our team today. Our admissions specialists are here to help gently guide you and your teen through the process.

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