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Innova Joy’s residential treatment center for teens provides a safe space for deep processing and healing.

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The Trauma Response

When a child experiences a traumatic event, it creates feelings of helplessness, fear, and uncertainty. Rather than blame the perpetrator, children often blame themselves as a means of regaining control over their own lives. Thoughts like, “I must have done a bad thing to deserve this” take over.

They often then strive to prevent future trauma by finding a way to be “good enough” or they give up and decide to take a different path. These beliefs can lead to perfectionism, behavioral issues, troubled relationships, and maladaptive means of coping, such as substance use, cutting, disordered eating behaviors, and thoughts of suicide.

Treating the Whole Family System

We understand that a vital aspect of any treatment program includes identifying and challenging these beliefs while finding more adaptive means of processing the trauma.

At Innova Joy, we have treatment strategies and therapies to help heal the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Utilizing empirically proven treatments such as EMDR trauma therapy, CPT, and DBT, along with holistic therapies such as music and art therapy, our therapists help teens learn lifelong coping skills while working on changing negative beliefs while in a safe environment.

We also partner with the family to ensure you are prepared for their return with a personalized treatment plan that meets your goals through individual, group, family, and somatic therapies.

24/7 Care

We know that it is generally a long road that leads your family to choose residential treatment. Respecting this journey, we maximize every day that your teen is at Innova Joy by offering a specially designed curriculum to provide them with therapeutic groups in conjunction with multiple individual and family therapy sessions per week.

In addition to the structured program, we provide concierge therapy 24/7 for anything that may come up through their journey during their stay at our trauma treatment center.

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