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Innova Joy understands how hard it is for teens to express themselves after experiencing trauma or mental health issues. To help our young clients begin healing, we use art therapy as a medium of expression. What they cannot, or will not, say with words, they can instead share with art.

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Art Therapy for Teens

Art therapy encourages healing through the use of visual creativity and expression. It can be used to also improve a teen’s cognitive functions, build self-esteem, and improve their emotional resilience to sudden life changes. What makes art therapy quite effective is how it gets the teen’s mind, body, and spirit involved, allowing them to share whatever they are feeling or thinking without being limited by language.

Art therapy for teens is always facilitated by a professional art therapist. These are skilled and experienced individuals who know how to work and interact with people, both young and old. Art therapists are driven by a need to help teens who are looking to heal and grow past their mental health problems or traumas.

According to research, art therapy has been known to effectively treat anxiety, depression, various trauma symptoms, and substance use.

Art Therapy Activities for Teens

Although art therapy was formally introduced back in the 1940s, we as a people have been using art to express ourselves for hundreds of years. In fact, children and teens have always turned to art as a means of coping with problems and releasing pent-up frustrations. And just by looking at their creations, an art therapist can determine what a teen is struggling with, what they are feeling, and what their inner thoughts are.

Of the many art therapy activities for teens that allow creative expression, the following are the most popular ones:

  • Doodling and scribbling
  • Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Finger Painting
  • Collage
  • Photography
  • Working with clay
  • Sculpting
  • Sand Tray Art

It must be said that a client does not have to be artistic to enjoy the benefits of art therapy for teens. The goal is to help participating teens find relief, not create masterpieces.

Art Therapy at Innova Joy

Innova Joy uses art therapy for teens in two ways - individual and group. We want our young clients to be able to express themselves freely without fear or pressure. Along their journey to recovery and healing, we want them to feel that cathartic release of their emotions and the ability to put a name to the feelings they normally cannot identify. Your teens will be in very good, and very artistically encouraging, hands.

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To find out more about our art therapy for teens and how we can help your children, do contact us today. And if you want to understand what our various art therapy activities for teens entail, do not hesitate to call us. All calls are confidential.