Family Therapy

Also known as family counseling, family therapy is a type of psychotherapy meant to help members of a family find a means to address their familial troubles as a unit. What Innova Joy aims to accomplish is demonstrate how troubled teens and parents can be closer with better communication and teamwork.

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Difference Between Family Therapy and Individual Therapy

Of all the bonds formed between people, family bonds are always considered as the strongest. Yet, as special as these bonds are between parents, spouses, children, and siblings, these can be weakened by the many different family-based problems. With family therapy, broken bonds can be mended between family members, and the family unit made whole again. In comparison, individual therapy puts its focus on the personal struggles of a single person.

Family Therapy For Troubled Teens

Family therapy provides families with a neutral space to address and resolve the troubles that are putting a strain on their familial relationship. Together with a therapist, the family can then discuss the conflict and try to determine the possible source. For families with troubled teens, one possible trigger could be the lack of communication between the parents and their children. Another possible cause could be a life changing or traumatic event that has negatively affected teen. The problems between trouble teens and their parents may even worsen when no one wants to share, listen, or cooperate with each other. Through Innova Joy, families can:

  • Look at ways they can resolve their family problems in a positive way while sharing what they think and feel
  • Look at each family member so they can understand what triggers or adds to their troubles, then discuss ways to avoid starting further conflict
  • Look at the strength and weaknesses of the family as a whole

Family therapy is usually done at the same time with other mental health treatments, especially when one member of the family is trying to find relief from a disorder or mental illness. For troubled teens suffering a condition, disorder, or trauma, family therapy can be extremely helpful for teaching parents and siblings how to be aware, supportive, and understanding of their troubled family member.

What is Expect of Family Therapy

Family therapy is often conducted by a therapist and will include all family members to join. During every session, the therapist will ask certain questions, mostly concerning the conflict the family is having and how they try to resolve the problem. Afterwards, the therapist will formulate a family treatment plan based on the family’s situation. The plan’s purpose is to help motivate the family in working together to resolve their problems quickly. In summary, family therapy can help a family:

  • Cope with and understand a member’s mental illness
  • Get through the passing of a member
  • Get through substance abuse/addiction
  • Solve problems between members in general
  • Solve problems between siblings
  • Solve problems between parents and troubled teens
  • Solve financial-related arguments
  • Solve school problems affecting troubled teens
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