Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

At Innova Joy, you will learn to accept all of your thoughts, be they positive or negative ones, and embrace your feelings to be a better version of yourself. Through the actions of acceptance and commitment, you won't have to fight or suppress what you think and feel.

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What Is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT for short, is a form of mindfulness therapy. It revolves around the concepts of self-acceptance and commitment to change. During these sessions, you will find freedom from all judgment so you can begin to heal and build yourself up to being a better you.

Although ACT has been around for many years, interest in it only sparked during the last decade. It showed effectiveness in treating, medicating, or managing different kinds of conditions such as trauma, substance, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. People of all ages, from teens to adults, can use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Six Core Processes of ACT

The goal of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is to promote expansive thinking and psychological flexibility. And we can achieve this by using six core processes. These are:


Acceptance is embracing where you are at this very moment in life. You may not be where you wanted to be or doing what you wanted to do. But if you were to accept where and who you are now, you’ll be able to move forward easily.

Cognitive Defusion

Cognitive Defusion can help you improve the way you react to negative events. Negative things will happen as it is a part of life. ACT will teach you how to respond to these events so you won’t be weighed down by the experiences.


Being Present

Being Present involves learning how to be more aware of the present moment. We tend to get distracted by our thoughts, which stops us from being ‘there’ in that moment. And with ACT, you’ll learn to accept where you are.

Self as Context

Self as Context is where we explain that you are not what you think or believe. Instead, you are an individual having the thoughts you think and the beliefs you believe in. You have the power to impact your life, your story.


Values pertain to things important to you. Without values, your life will lose meaning. And when it loses meaning, feelings of depression or anxiety begin to affect your motivation. ACT will help you redefine what is important.

Committed Action

Committed Action is about taking those necessary steps to change your life positively. Instead of trying to avoid negative thoughts or traumatic reminders, we help you stay committed to times when you want to change.

ACT and Innova Joy

Innova Joy wants to help you accept who you currently are and where you are at this moment in life. With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, we can help you manage your feelings of depression, anxiety, depression, and others, so you can finally make a change in yourself. To learn more about our clinic or therapies, you can visit our website here.

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