When it comes to choosing an inpatient mental health facility for your teen, there are several important factors to consider. While we strive to be the very best option, we know that you must find a program that is a good fit for your child. Here are some questions to consider when making your decision.

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Does your trauma treatment program take insurance?
  • Yes, we take all major insurance. We also take payment plans so that finances are not a barrier to your child receiving the best care possible. Insurances include, but are not limited to Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, United, Optum, Comp Psych, GEHA, Multiplan, Cigna, Tricare, Humana, and more.
  • Learn more about paying for your teen’s residential treatment here.
Is my child allowed to have their phone?
  • No. Phones are a huge distraction from treatment and daily life. We want adolescents to be able to focus on working on themselves, learning skills, and developing supportive, healthy, real-life relationships with those around them. To this end, phones are not allowed at Innova Joy.
Can I visit my child?
  • Yes! We strongly encourage you to take an active role in your child’s treatment as you are able. Visitation is on Sundays and we welcome you to come!
How soon can I visit my child?
  • There is no waiting period on visitation. We encourage you to visit them every Sunday that you are available to attend the visitation. If you need special accommodations to visit on another day, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you if possible without disrupting the treatment process.
My child does not want to go to a treatment center. How can I talk to them in a way that will assuage their concerns?
  • We want to help. We are happy to coordinate a session to talk to your child about treatment. Innova Joy is probably very different from what they imagine. It is not a hospital or a camp. It is a real home, where they will be surrounded by loving staff who want to take care of them and help meet their needs.
  • We encourage you not to use treatment as a threat or punishment but to frame it to your child as a gift that will help them heal and live their best lives.
Can I send my child care packages?
  • Yes. You can send cards and small gifts that they can use while in treatment. Examples of great gifts include art supplies, encouraging books, journals, a new blanket, stuffed animal, or comfy clothes.
  • We do not allow any electronic gifts or gift cards as they cannot be used while in treatment.
Will their grades transfer?
  • We happily coordinate academic goals and classes with their home base school to preserve continuity to the greatest extent possible. Grades do not transfer, but the work completed does.
What if my child wants to come home?
  • We truly believe in the value of our teen treatment center, but we know that leaving home and beginning treatment can be a scary process. Our team is experts at getting people to engage and participate in their treatment goals. However, if your child simply is not ready, there is no penalty for withdrawal.
  • We are not a locked facility. That means that if your child refuses to participate in treatment, we will call you and let you know that you can come and get them. However, we will make every effort possible to partner with you first as we meet with you, your child, and your family to discuss fears, goals, and hesitations before discharge.
What if my child has dietary restrictions?
  • Our team of chefs can accommodate most dietary needs.
Do boys and girls mix?
  • All therapeutic groups are gender-specific to males and females. Boys and girls live in separate houses. Our 24-hour staff monitors them to make sure that they are never unattended and are not able to co-mingle without staff supervision.
What screening process do your staff undergo before being hired?
  • Every one of our staff members receives a background check before their start date. They are carefully vetted to meet the qualifications of the job before starting to ensure the highest quality of care possible for our clients.
  • You can learn more about our team here. 

Should You Seek Residential Treatment for Your Teen?

We understand that this can be an overwhelming process, but our admissions specialists are here to help answer any questions you may have. Call us today to begin with a confidential assessment.

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