What To Expect

What to expect at our residential treatment center for teens. Innova Joy provides a safe and supportive space in which your child can begin their journey to healing.

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Getting Here

To provide you and your teen with control of their destination, you will be responsible for arranging your teen’s travel arrangements to our inpatient mental health facility. If your teen is traveling by bus, plane, or train, Innova Joy staff will meet them at the baggage claim. We simply need a picture ID so that we can find them.

Your Child's Arrival

Upon arrival, your child will be welcomed by one of our very friendly staff members. After completing some brief paperwork, they will then meet with members of their trauma treatment team and receive a brief tour of our facility, including their room.

Resident Rights

It is our goal that each resident at Innova Joy feels safe and protected during their stay. To that end, you and your teen will receive a copy of rights and responsibilities upon admission, so you know what to expect and how to address any issues that arise.


It is our honor to carry your child’s story, so we do it with pride and the utmost respect for confidentiality. The only way someone will even know your child is here is with your signed release of information for us to confirm their presence.

Communication Policies

  • Relationships are important; however, it can be hard to focus on treatment goals when there are pressures and longings at home. We limit visitation to those that are designated by the treatment team as therapeutic. Visitors check-in with staff upon arrival and sign a HIPAA compliance form. Visitors must follow the guidelines for appropriate attire.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing food, cigarettes, candy, soda, etc. to any resident, and all packages will be checked upon arrival.
  • To ensure confidentiality, cameras, and picture-taking are not permitted on the grounds of our facility. Visiting hours are on Sundays following the therapeutic schedule.
  • To inspire and preserve a therapeutic environment, residents are encouraged to make phone calls only after the first three days of treatment, unless otherwise indicated by your child’s treatment team.
  • Upon admission, residents are allowed to call (under staff supervision) a significant person to advise of their safe arrival. Telephones are only available during certain times to allow residents to focus on their treatment goals entirely.

Healing Teenage Trauma is Possible

Innova Joy walks with your child through their journey to recovery, providing support every step of the way. Have a question about what to expect for your teen at our residential treatment center? Our admission specialists are here to help.

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